What do I need to bring?

Bring your weapon and gear, and bring a cooler that is at least 48 qt.

If you do not have or want to travel with a weapon, discuss it with us. We will provide a weapon for the cost of ammunition only.

Do I need to get a license?

No. Our hunting preserve license is comprehensive and will cover all of your hunting activities on the ranch.

What types of hunts do you have?

Our hunts are conducted privately and we customize every hunt to our guests' preferences. That means that you or your party are the only hunters on the ranch. You are accompanied by our expert guide, and you can stalk, use a tree stand, tower stand or a ground blind. When hog hunting you have the option of hunting with dogs.

I am disabled. Will I be able to hunt?

Yes. Hunters with disabilities are welcome. All of our hunts are customized to our guests, and particularly so for a hunter with special requirements. Just give us a call and we'll plan the hunt together.

How about kids?

We love kids' hunts, and do quite a few first hunts. Our guides are tuned into a kid's perspective, and give them the confidence they need to have a great experience.

What if I don't get my trophy?

We guarantee our hunts. That means that you pay by the animal and not by the day. If you don't find the trophy animal that you want, you can return until you do. There are no extra guide fees if your hunt takes additional days.

What weapons can I use?

Once more, our hunts are tailored to you. We can't allow the use of buckshot due to the risk of hitting any nearby animals, but slugs in the shotgun are fine, and so is any rifle, muzzleloader or hand gun. Bow hunters are welcome.

Do you butcher the meat?

By law we can't perform the more elaborate work of a butcher. Our guides are allowed only to field dress, cape and quarter the game for your cooler. Our guides do an expert job and handle your meat in a proper and sanitary manner. We can arrange for processing with a quality local butcher.

What are your prices? And are there additional charges?

See our  PRICE LIST  You pay a trophy fee, a guide fee and a sales tax on the trophy fee only. No extra charges.

Many of our prices are listed as "and up". That is because our stocking of animals will vary. You can call us to find out what animals at what sizes we expect to have at the time of your hunt. At that time we can quote prices reliably.

Do I need to send a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your booking. If you are hunting more than one trophy, an additional deposit is in most cases not necessary. If you wish to reserve an individual animal, a 50% deposit is required.

What are the available accommodations?

Our guests do not stay on the ranch, but are accommodated in the local area. We will provide recommendations.

What about transportation?

We are happy to accommodate any transportation needs. Your transportation on the preserve is, of course, included and arranged according to your wishes.

How do I get there?

Physically we are located on: US 27 and CR 349, next to the Suwannee River. The ranch gates are on CR 349. The town of Branford is just east of the river from us.

Map of Florida  FLORIDA MAP

Local directions  LOCAL MAP

How do I book a hunt?

Email, write or call us:

Suwannee River Ranch
P.O. Box 269
Branford, FL 32008


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