Summer whitetails on our ranch, slipping off into the woods.
Our ranch/hunting ethics are: We never hunt tame, young or bottle raised animals; we never hunt in pens; we also do all we can to keep the does and their fawns together.  Our penned breeders are kept in grassy pasture with tree and brush cover and they always have fresh water.  We routinely worm and feed with specialized feeds.
What the hunting experience does for kids : HUNTING and KIDS
Ranches--originating in Texas where so many exotics have been released to successfully survive and reproduce--have played an important role in keeping endangered hoofstock populations alive, populations that have dwindled or even become extinct in their native areas.  Certain exotics, such as the Indian blackbuck, have in fact been sent back to their homeland to help conservation efforts to expand the genetic pool.

So often that it becomes painfully repetitious, the story is one of loss of habitat, with humans disturbing or even removing the environment that these animals need in order to survive.

We believe that radical solutions are short sighted, and creative solutions must be sought to fulfill the physical and the economic needs of the people who live in the threatened habitats, while also preserving a livable world for wildlife.

Trying to impose an environmental altruism that conflicts with a struggling people's traditions and needs is doomed to fail.  Tourism and international hunting, however, are more and more playing a strong role in building local economies so that preservation of the wild environment becomes a real priority for local people.  The motivation to conserve is then based more powerfully because it enhances their self interest.

Hunters - notably starting with president Theodore Roosevelt - have been a pivotal force in conservation here in the United States and Canada. They have contributed much to the stewardship of the land, wildlife and other resources here, and they are likewise becoming a force in promoting land and resource management in foreign countries, and helping bring about solutions that will be a win - win answer to the divided interests of the people who are trying to eke out the means to their survival, and the noble cause of preserving our living heritage of wildlife.

A flock of turkeys in our field.
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